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Highland Flats harvest at Young Living farm

The Young Living Farms

Having Young Living farms allows them to control the growing, distilling, sourcing and testing of their essential oils. Gary Young personally travels the globe to locate prime farms that provide the optimal climate, soil and growing conditions for the plants that become Young Living's essential oils.

Having their own farms and partnering with carefully selected cooperative farms allows them to develop their exclusive Seed to Seal® process, which ensures that each Young Living product delivers the world-class quality customers have come to expect.

Young Living Farms
Young Living Farms


St. Maries, Idaho, USA

These 200 acres of pristine farmland were purchased by Gary Young in 1992. The property had never before been plowed or exposed to chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers of any kind. The soil, climate and pure air make it an ideal location for crops such as lavender, melissa and tansy.


Mona, Utah, USA

This farm encompasses nearly 1,600 acres and is home to the largest privately owned essential oil distillery in the world. German chamomile, hyssop, clary sage, golden rod and lavender are grown for distillation for our world market, and many other crops are grown here for research and display.


Highland Flats, Naples, Idaho, USA

Since 2000 the Highland Flats farm has produced Young Living's balsam fir, Western red cedar, piine and Idaho blue spruce oils. This farm is the site of our annual Winter Harvest, where many Young Living distributors join in for the hard, but rewarding, work of harvesting and chipping the overgrown balsam fir, Western red cedar and pine trees, and then transporting the chips for distillation in St. Maries. Soon, these oils will be produced on site at the Highland Flats distillery that is currently being constructed. Young Living Distributors may also join Young Living for the annual Spring Reforestation project, where thousands of young balsam fir and Idaho blue spruce trees are planted each year to replace the harvested overgrowth and secure Young Living's future supply.


Simiane-la-Rotonde, France

Well known for its rolling hills and fields of fragrant lavender, the region of Provence, France is home to Young Living's scenic third farm. With help from local partners, this farm produces lavender, rosemary and clary sage.


Guayaquil, Ecuador

Since 2005 Young Living has operated a farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Plants that are grown, harvested and distilled here include eucalyptus blue, dorado azul, zarogosa, lemongrass, rosa morta, oregano, ylang ylang, basil and many more. The plant material of palo santo, ruta, rosewood and ocotea is transported to the farm from different areas of Ecuador and Peru for distillation. Young Living's Ecuador farm's state-of-the-art distillery is the largest in South America.


Salalah, Oman

In 2010 Gary Young started his operation for the extraction of Boswellia sacra, Sacred Frankincense, in Salalah, Oman. Young Living has partnered with local harvesters to secure their supply of this exclusive resin and increase cultivation to meet the growing demand for this precious oil. For the first time in centuries, Boswellia sacra is being distilled in Oman, and Young Living is the first and only company in the world to obtain permission to export this essential oil and bring it into the Western world.


Almog, Israel

In partnership with a local grower, Young Living has established a farm and distilery in Almog, Israel. This property, located near the Dead Sea, is the site of pioneering botanical research and the source of the 2013 convention-exclusive Micromeria essential oil.


Taitung, Taiwan

Following two research trips to Taiwan, Gary Young began an agricultural partnership in 2012 with local doctor Ginn S. Lee to produce Hong Kuai and Xiang Mao essential oils on a scenic property in the Taitung region. These two 2013 convention-exclusive essential oils are some of the rarest in the world and are deeply significant to Taiwanese citizens.



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